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Installation and decoration

Installation and decoration

Lithuanian Ministry of Environment issued a certificate to the company "Bodesa", which gives the right to carry out the work at extraordinarily important objects. The representatives of our company specialized in window installers courses where knowledge of the correct installation of windows and high-quality were gained.

We also have long-term employees experience, quality of installation materials. The company implements management administration quality system ISO 9001 - all this is our guarantee that your purchase will be equipped with high-quality products on time, and your money paid for the purchased products - a safe investment, ensuring your well-being. ‘’Bodesa’’ does internal and external decoration for its production.

High-quality installation of products, correctly done decoration allows up to 25% reduce heat loss and increase the benefits of a modern window. "Bodesa" installers use proven practices WINTeQ window sealing means.

Why we talk so much about windows sealing?
Relentless rise in heating prices, building tightness and thermal insulation questions becomes more and more important. Sealing against drafts, wind, heavy rain and thermal window joints insulation perimeter – is the most important elements in retaining heat. Based on building physics laws, water vapour in the air moves from higher to lower pressure environment - when its colder outside than the outdoor in premises, water vapour penetrates through the wall to the outside. In other words, in buildings, which are permeable to water and leaky parts, water vapour condensation may begin to accumulate in the joints of windows, because there are many sealing errors.

Over the past few years, damage to buildings has increased because of construction of the joints and around it between slots and windows, its components accumulated condensate cases. Window installation instructions provide detailed information about modern technologies, which one of the most important features is the so-called three-level protection.

How to ensure a reliable sealing of windows?

First level: internal protection
The internal connection point must be sealed from inside of house, so that it would separate room climate from the outdoor climate. At this level, the temperature must be above a threshold temperature in room when mould starts to form (humidity - 80 percent. isotherm - 13 ° C). Water vapour cannot move from here to any direction.

Second level: thermal separation
at the central connection area for some time thermal and acoustic insulation must be guaranteed. This area should remain dry.

Third level: external protection
The external connection part should be protected from rain, snow and wind. Penetrated water must be properly controlled and drain to the outside. It is also necessary to ensure that the water vapour drains from there to outside.

WINTeQ system ensures effective protection of joins

Why these three levels of security features are so important? Residential and non-residential buildings, there are many sources of moisture. During the day a family of three members vaporise about 6-12 litters of water (the water is evaporated while breathing, sweating, preparing meal). Under adverse conditions (due to inadequate air circulation, low-temperature surface area) the water vapour condensate may form (liquid emition) or even result a mould.

During winter, the absolute humidity in the building is greater than humidity outside. In other words, the water vapour pressure inside the building is greater than the outside. In leaky, water permeable joints water vapour flow forms.

Temperature gradient occurs in joints - the air passes from building inside and comes through the joints and gets cold: when the air temperature falls down below the dew point (when water vapour turns into water) condensation is caused. Dew point is depicted as isotherm, which usually passes through the joints. In such cases, there is always damp which causes mould. Under these circumstances, 80 percent of moisture is usually sufficient.

Another consequence of humidity penetration into buildings’ inside is huge heat losses, because such places form thermal bridges. The quality of sound insulation falls. Deteriorated sound insulation because of moisture permeable perimeter joints conducts heat and sound than dry insulation.

Human spread damp Damp quantity
Easy work 30 - 60 g/h
Medium difficulty work 120 - 200 g/h
Hard work 200 - 300 g/h
Shower 1600 - 2600 g/h
Cooking in kitchen 600 - 1500 g/h

The energy loss in buildings

Henkel Ceretherm ir WINTeQ systems reduce energy losses which are caused by leaky windows, doors and facades. These particular systems may help to reduce energy inputs of a building, save money and to ensure higher comfort.

WINTeQ windows’ sealing system which saves energy

Good wall insulation reduces energy losses in building. However, improperly sealed windows turn these means worthless. Because of the high and uncontrolled air flow and leaky window seams a high mildew and heat loss probability is created. For this reason, a deterioration of the building energy balance increases.

Why well-sealed windows’ perimeter is so important?
- Reduces heat loss, i.e. saves money;
- A great way to reduce global warming (C02);
- In rooms where are no draughts it is healthier and more comfortable to live;
- Residential buildings with good air insulation consume less energy;
- Protection against noise and moisture.

Criterion WINTeQ technical data
Colour: White (inside) / light grey (outside)
Mass according to extent: 280 g/m2 (inside) / 190 g/m2 (outside)
Water resistance: Yes
Temperature resistance: from -40 0C till +100 0C
Flexibility in -23 0C: Do not chip or crack
Sealing strip: With 20mm width sticky strip from one side