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Decco 70 Line Profile Windows

Decco 70 Line Profile Windows

Decco 70 Line Profile Windows general information:
- Rounded string form endues an impression of solidity and attraction;
- Non-leaden frames are casted from a certified quality of PVC granules and are of 70 milimetres width;
- The middle chamber of profile is knited by galvanised steel profile, which endues hardiness from deformation and stability of construction;
- "Siegenia" bindings are used for a frames of windows. German quality of windows ensures easiness of windows string, functional micro-ventilation as well as longevity;
- PVC profiles are easily cleaned, there is no need to paint or lacquer it;
- There is an issue of choosing different colour or structure combination.

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Technical information:

Profile type: Smooth
Profile (mm): 70
Number of chambers: 6
External profile partition thickness: B class (2,5mm)
Window thermal conductivity coefficient: 1,4m2K
Thermal conductivity coefficient of glass: U=1.1 (according PN EN 673)
U=1.0 (according PN EN 674)
Glass thickness (mm): 24 - 32
Bindings: Siegenia
Glass strip: Angular or rounded
Certificate: CE Europe standard PN EN 14351-1
Handle: Plastic
Shutter: Custom
Micro-ventilation: Yes
Protection from burglar: 1 point (it is possible to choose higher protection)
Maintenance anchors: Yes

Profile colours

White colour


Golden oak
(Code: 2178.001)

Swamp oak
(Code: 2052.089)

Walnut tree
(Code: 2178.007)

(Code: 2065.021)

Handle assortment


Plastic (PVC) and laminated wood cuttings (MDP) internal sill assortment

Outside windowsill covered by galvanised tin and poliester

Clients are offered two types of outside windowsills:
- Galvanised tin outside windowsills;
- Poliester covered (colourful) tin outside windowsills.

Outside windowsills features:
- windowsills are resistant to climate impact;
- windowsills are shapely, steady and dateless;
- windowsills are stainless (rustless) and do not require special handling, there is no need to paint them again;
- windowsills borders details protects from water penetration into walls.

German Windows bindings "Siegenia"

Bindings is one of the most important component s of windows which guarantee long lasting usage of it as well as features such as micro-ventilation, variuos postures and closing tightness functioning. "Bodesa" assembles german ‘‘Siegenia‘‘ bindings to producible windows which technological and technical features of window frame ensures steadiness and hardiness of constant window postures – opening/closing, locking.


"Bodesa" Windows have 5 year guarantee

All of „Bodesa‘s" triple layer assembled windows have a long lasting 5 years guarantee. While assembling windows according to triple layer method it is fully ready for their explotation.