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Veka Alphaline profile windows

Veka Alphaline profile windows

Veka Alphaline profile windows – it’s the newest Windows profile system with a special polystyrene filling, which improves heat insulation features of a product. Triple weather strip system amplifies protection against noise, improves the tightness. Window profile has record heat loss coefficients. The usage of three pane packets system Veka Alphaline satisfies the main requirements – it guarantees excelent heat insuation parameters. It’s a real revolution in energy saving market sphere. It can be said that it is the warmest window in Premium class window category.

General information:
- German company „Veka“ profile;
- Record heat insulation properties;
- Black gaskets, chamber structures;
- Companies‘ „Siegenia" bindings with anti-corrosial cover;
- Pane packets of three pane slides with one or two energy saving selective glasses, filled with argon gas;
- Windows handles‘ protections from inaccurate turnings, when hinge is open;
- Alluminium handles, white or different colour.

Veka Alphaline profile windows Veka Alphaline profile windows

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Technical information:

Profile type: Easy-rounded
Profile depth (mm): 90
Number of chambers: 6
External profile partition thickness: A class (2,8-3,0mm)
Window thermal conductivity coefficient: 0,8m2K
Thermal conductivity coefficient of glass: U=0.6 (according PN EN 673)
U=0.8 (according PN EN 674)
Pane packet thikness (mm): 44
Additional heat insuation: Polystyrene
Bindings: Siegenia
Profile fastening: Galvanised steel
Gasket: Black extruded
Numer of gaskets: 3
Glass strip: Only rounded
Certificate: CE Europe standard PN EN 14351-1
Handle: Aluminium (Secustic)
Micro-ventilation: Yes
Protection from burglar: 1 point (it is possible to choose higher protection)
Faulty hande turn protection: Custom
Maintenance anchors: Yes

Colour assortment

White colour


Golden oak
(Code: 2178.001)

Swamp oak
(Code: 2052.089)

Walnut tree
(Code: 2178.007)

(Code: 2065.021)

Handle assortment


Plastic (PVC) and laminated wood cuttings (MDP) internal sill assortment

Outside windowsill covered by galvanised tin and poliester

Clients are offered two types of outside windowsills:
- Galvanised tin outside windowsills;
- Poliester covered (colourful) tin outside windowsills.

Outside windowsills features:
- windowsills are resistant to climate impact;
- windowsills are shapely, steady and dateless;
- windowsills are stainless (rustless) and do not require special handling, there is no need to paint them again;
- windowsills borders details protects from water penetration into walls.

German Windows bindings "Siegenia"

Bindings is one of the most important component s of windows which guarantee long lasting usage of it as well as features such as micro-ventilation, variuos postures and closing tightness functioning. "Bodesa" assembles german ‘‘Siegenia‘‘ bindings to producible windows which technological and technical features of window frame ensures steadiness and hardiness of constant window postures – opening/closing, locking.


"Bodesa" Windows have 5 year guarantee

All of „Bodesa‘s" triple layer assembled windows have a long lasting 5 years guarantee. While assembling windows according to triple layer method it is fully ready for their explotation.